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Torgeir Waldemar

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Torgeir Waldemar was on most Norwegian critics top 10 lists of best new albums in total last year.   American tradition has had a strong foothold in the Norwegian music scene.  Torgeir Waldemar has released a great album with amazing songs exploring folk and americana. 

Following up on his 2012 debut EP ‘Take Me Home’, he released his first full length at 40, probably making him the best kept musical secret in Norway.  Not anymore.  He was nominated for the Grammy in Norway and is hitting most of the major festivals this Summer including Øya festival.

Torgeir Waldemar, born 1974 in the deep woods of Norway, is a man who knows how to embellish the most painfull half mended wounds of the soul and abominations to beautiful music. When you are godforsaken, betrayed and drawn close by death, this man can mirror you with song, and give it all a calm and timeless depth, witch can make you long for more of these desperate moments. Have you listened to on e of his songs, you will listen to another, have you ever heard him sing, you wish to hear his voice again. 

As Jeremiah's lamentation, Salomon’s chase after the wind, or the saviours tear chocked prayer in Gethsemane. That’s the way Torgeir chimes in our ungodly ears. I do not know if it’s his childhoods shadow of sectarianism, or his later gnosis that brings these falsettos of shadow and darkness to his voice and songs. But if there is a life after death, give it to me now, and let Torgeir Waldemar sing in my funeral.

Einar Stenseng - Galilea, 6.februar 2011

Art by: Øyvind Kaasa 

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