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New single out now

“There are times when those closest to you are the ones furthest away. There are times when your loneliness punches holes through your chest, even while embracing your loved one. There are times when your only certainty is this: that you will die alone. However little you want it.”

It was recorded at Crystal Canyon/Subsonic Society Studio in Oslo with producer/engineer Ander Møller. 

People who was a part of the recording: 

Torgeir Waldemar: Guitar, lapsteel, Hammond organ, vocals, bass. 

Anders Møller: Drums, percussion

Ole Henrik Moe: Strings

Johan Daniel Henriksen: Backing vocals

Hanne Sørlie: Backing Vocals


Cover art by Øyvind Kaasa. 

The song is released on the new label "Leather Boots Records" and is available on digital streaming and downloads.  


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Art by: Øyvind Kaasa 

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